支付宝蜻蜓发布 刷个脸就能把钱付了

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导读:   12月13日凤凰网WEMONEY,上海站中支付宝在支付宝宣布推出一款全新的刷脸支付产品—— “蜻蜓”,在超市,酒

?  12月13日凤凰网WEMONEY,上海站中支付宝在支付宝宣布推出一款全新的刷脸支付产品—— “蜻蜓”,在超市,酒店,餐厅,零售,便利店都可以随时地刷脸支付,估计以后的手机支付会一家独大的局面,妈妈再也不担心我忘记那钱包,忘记拿手机了,刷个脸,秒搞定!





  Nowadays, people pay for their consumption through mobile phones. Even when they go out, they won't carry any more money. They can do everything with only one mobile phone. With the development of science and technology and the popularization of technology, you can go out to buy things later, you can not even take out the mobile phone, with your face, you can do all this, can be nicknamed "face to eat" era is coming.

  On yesterday's Alipay open day ShangHai Railway Station in December 13th, Alipay announced the launch of a new brush face payment product, dragonfly, which directly reduced the access cost of brush face payment by 80%. In the future, whether it is big hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, brand retail stores, roadside convenience stores, couples'stores or even the vegetable market, face brushing can pay.

  Alipay's new facial brushing payment device looks like a makeup mirror, unlike the new device, which replaces the mirror with a face brushing display screen. In fact, as early as the 2015 Hannover electronics exhibition, Ma Yun demonstrated Alipay's brush face payment at the scene. This is also the first appearance of Alipay's brush face payment. In 2017, Alipay's brush face payment officially began to set up the scene under the line. Now, Alipay officially launched the brush payment device, which shows that brush face payment has become popular.